Turn your python code into architectural views

Codoc is the first Continuous Documentation tool. It provides a revolutionary graph based interface, that gives a powerful overview of any software system.

For more information about codoc, please visit our website.

Codocpy is used to publish your graphical documentation & architectural views from a command-line or CI solution, by writing simple Python scripts.


Codoc is still very early beta, and incomplete. We are currently looking for beta testers.

A quick example

    label="Module View",
def view_modules(graph):
    This view contains all the modules that our system contain.
    return filters.exclude_classes(graph)


  • Always-up-to-date architectural views

  • A simple framework integrated in your favorite language

  • Variety of filters to show only the relevant information

  • Historical information about prior views

  • COMING SOON See graphical representation of test coverage, contributors etc.

  • COMING SOON Get live monitoring data on your views

  • COMING SOON Comments and dialogue about views.

  • COMING SOON A git bot that provide context for pull requests

  • COMING SOON A variety of export possibilities

  • COMING SOON Sphinx, Confluence, GitBook (and other) integrations


Please use the GitHub issue tracker to submit bugs or request features.

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